IKEA Smart Lights Will Soon Work with Siri, Alexa and Google Home

IKEA Smart Lights Will Soon Work with Siri, Alexa and Google Home
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IKEA announced that its smart lighting series Trådfri, which was launched in Europe last fall, will be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa by the end of this summer. With this upgrade, users can control their home lighting with voice commands. IKEA also plans to expand its product range in the coming years.
Trådfri means “wireless” in Swedish. It is the latest product lineup in the SmartHome category IKEA introduced in 2015. Products in this category includes LED light bulbs with different color temperature, motion sensors, gateways, wireless remote controls and light panels. Currently, Trådfri lights can only be managed by a remote control or an app.
“With IKEA Home Smart, we challenge everything that’s complicated and expensive with the online home. By making sure that our products work with others in the market, we are taking another step to meet people’s needs and make it easier to interact with the products for the smart home,” says Björn Block, product manager for IKEA Home Smart.
In the summer and fall, IKEA will be able to connect their smart lighting with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and install and adjust the lighting using Apple Home app and make it work together with other accessories used together with HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa – such as thermostats, door locks, sensors, ceiling fans, blinds and more.
In the competitive smart lighting market, one major advantage Trådfri’s has is affordability. For example, a basic package including a gateway hub, a remote control and two smart light bulbs is priced at US$85. A Philips Hue kit, on the other hand, costs around US$165.
IKEA sees huge potential in the market for the smart home. It is seeking partnership with manufactures to develop and mass produce IoT-related applications such as LED bulbs and sensors that fit its needs.
“We think that the technology of the smart home will be available to all. Therefore, we continue to ensure that our products work together with others in the market,” says Jeanette Skjelmose, head of lighting and IKEA Home Smart.
In the coming years, there will be more launches that will allow IKEA to expand its solution for a smart and connected home.
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