OLEDWorks Announces Value Added Reseller, LED Specialists, Inc.

OLEDWorks Announces Value Added Reseller, LED Specialists, Inc.
on May 10, 2017 in LED Lighting News No Comments 251 Page View(s)
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OLEDWorks, Inc., a major U.S. OLED light engine and panel manufacturing company, announced the signing of a Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement with LED Specialists, Inc, a specialist in SSL driver design and lighting system integration.  LED Specialists brings more than 13 years of experience in designing LED based systems over a range of markets. In addition, over the past year, LED Specialists, Inc. worked in collaboration with OLEDWorks and NYSERDA on an OLED accessory roadmap intended to accelerate adoption of OLED technology in lighting applications and products.

Through this VAR relationship, LED Specialists will promote and sell OLEDWorks products bundled with newly developed accessory components such as drive electronics, mechanical mounting hardware and other devices to enable users across a range of markets to more readily install, power and control OLED panels.  In addition, LED Specialists will be providing OLED integration support to lighting designers, fabricators and OEMs for the myriad of OLED applications that are continuing to evolve.

“There is a tremendous market interest and excitement created by the possibilities OLEDs offer.  The market will benefit from expanded OLED accessory components and integration support tailored to the requirements of our Brite series of OLED products.  LED Specialists experience and capabilities in this field enhances our collaboration to accelerate market adoption” said Giana Phelan, OLEDWorks’ Director of Business Development.

“The great advantages of OLED technology come with unique requirements for drive electronics, power distribution, control and mechanical installation.  Our collective objective is to provide these enabling components, while preserving the benefits OLEDs bring to the marketplace including: wide area and uniform light source, high efficiency, very thin form factor, minimal interconnect and support structure,” stated Mike Fusco, Co-founder of LED Specialists.

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